Data Destruction

Innova Global  provides companies and agency’s with reassurance that unwanted yet sensitive data can be erased securely using all or some of the following best practices ( Cornell University ) methods:

  • Clearing via Wiping-  Media destroyed using this method will be wiped using BLANCCO  software and other method , which meets the Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M.

  •  Purging via Degaussing- This method uses the Proton 8000 Degausser/Bulk Eraser, which has the capability to erase computer magnetic media, tapes, disks, cartridges, A/V tape film, and hard drives.

  • Physical Destruction via Shredding-This method shreds the media device into pieces two inches or smaller. With this selection, customers also have the option to witness the shredding and may request multiple passes through the shredder to meet their desired shred size. Organizations store large amounts of highly sensitive data. When End of Life storage systems containing the sensitive data need to be replaced with newer technology, or the hard disk drives (Hdd’s) inside need to be replaced due to potential faults or destroyed , then it is essential that this data be completely and securely erased and wiped out. 

  • Innova Global offers both Onsite and Offsite Data Erasure Services to meet the latest legislation and corporate guidelines placed on companies to ensure the secure management of redundant data.

  • Innova Global  Data Erasure Team will certifiably destroy data irreversibly from desk top, Dta center server hard disk , Mass storage systems, portable Hard disk drives and Tape storage.  

    Operating out of our Secure Facility or at your facility, Innova Global Data Erasure Service provides organizations with a fully audit able data destruction process that removes the risk companies incurred when having to comply with the latest legislation and their own corporate guidelines. 

    When Do You Need Innova Global Data Erasure Service?

    Every day, all types of organizations store vast amounts of highly sensitive data. But if the hard disk drives (Hdds) on which the data is stored show signs of deterioration or fail during routine testing, they need to be replaced.  And it is essential that the sensitive data they contain is completely and securely erased.

    Innova Global  offers a risk free cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, thus enabling the hard disk drives to be re-used or repaired where required.  This process is data erasure.  With the Innova Global  Data Destruction process, you’re End of Life, faulty or failing hard disk drives can be securely erased — even in front of your eyes

    Innova Global  Steps to a complete and Bulletproof Data Destruction Policy
    • Segregate all old hard drive from to be disposed of old PCs, laptops and servers.

    • Inventory all loose hard drive by manufacturer serial number. Identifying the computer the hard drive came out of is a recommended practice. We provide preprinted bar code labels that should be placed on each hard drive and added to its inventory record. This initiates your chain of possession records.

    • Isolate the hard drive in such a manner as to prevent unauthorized removal from the hard drive disposal process. We provide secure collection/transport containers with locks and security tags