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Innova Global specializes in national data center decommissioning service and handling of highly sensitive data.

If you are required to update, replace or remove your Enterprise Storage Systems then Innova Global Data Destruction Services will give you total peace of mind. Innova Global will safeguard your data, your clients and your brand by securely wiping and erasing all data to certify levels complying with recognized government and industry standards.

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Innova Global Service:

    • Planning and Project Management - provides an overall relocation and asset recovery plan, risk assessment, contingency plans and schedules.

    • Moving & Rigging Services - provides for logistic coordination, special rigging requirements, transportation, interim storage, and delivery.

    • Clearing via Wiping - Media destroyed using this method will be wiped using BLANCCO software and other method , which meets the Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M.

    • Purging via Degaussing - This method uses the Proton 8000 Degausser/Bulk Eraser, which has the capability to erase computer magnetic media, tapes, disks, cartridges, A/V tape film, and hard drives.

    • Physical Destruction via Shredding - This method shreds the media device into pieces two inches or smaller. With this selection, customers also have the option to witness the shredding and may request multiple passes through the shredder to meet their desired shred size

    • Relocation Packaging - custom made packaging for your equipment to ensure durability and handling during your move.

    • Complete Site Demolition and Decommissioning - removal of backup generators, A/C's, UPS and PDU units, raised flooring, cabling, fire suppression systems, transformers and other types of equipment and materials.

    • Equipment Purchasing & Sales - purchase and sales services and equipment re-manufacturing options.

    • Disposal & Recycling of Base Materials - batteries, wiring, conduit, circuit boards, components and metals.

    • Asset Liquidation - including generators, raised floors, UPS, PDU units, HVAC, transformers, chillers, fire suppression gas and cabling.