Data Center assets are difficult to understand, tack and manage. The Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ) , is rarely understood and enterprise managers are challenged to determine direct and indirect costs of due to the constant upgrading and refreshing of equipment.

Innova Global provides a team of expert staff, to document and report on your inventory. This allows the enterprise manager and owner s to understand their inventory, which then allows them to evaluate the cost of ownership and the cost of disposal.

What We Innova Expert Inventor Team Will Do For You......

Innova Global will provide a data base collaborative document ( Cloud source report ) of your Data Center inventory. This will include both commissioned and decommissioned items. For a live environment, (or other environments with limited access or security issues to deal with), Innova will audit to component level enabling a comprehensive valuation.

Business Advantage and benefits

  1. Minimum Possible Disruption
  2. Control over TCO, (Total Cost of Ownership)
  3. Inventory Log - a Cloud based collaborative inventory management data base
  4. Mobile and PC based inventory collection
  5. Fast Turnaround Time For Inventory Audit Report
  6. Enables Valuation of 'Live' and Decommissioned Equipment
  7. Enables Data Center Manager to understand Data Assets

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