Asset Liquidation

Asset Liquidation

Safe and Hassle Free Monetization of Data Center and Computer Assets

Innova Global provides state-of-the-art computer asset recovery services ,data center consolidation and data center de commissioning that helps you realize the true value of your used data center and desk top hardware in a manner that for you is secure, easy to administer and problem free. Our computer asset recovery and data center asset liquidation services include:

  1. Shipping and storage
  2. National asset recovery inspection, testing and appraisal
  3. Sophisticated go-to-market strategies for off lease computer systems and/or components to maximize value
  4. National asset recovery refurbishment and/or reconfiguration of hardware to improve marketability
  5. Hardware is sold, shipped and payment is collected
  6. You receive regular reports on sales results

Innova Global work very closely with various manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, and Fujitsu, Siemens, IBM, gaining an intrinsic knowledge of their individual architectures, which allows the engineers to test, refurbish and resell any and all equipment for the top market price.

Components or even the whole unit may still have a value. Generating the best value for your legacy equipment is an area of expertise that Innova Global Destruction provides. v s Data Destruction may find that the component value is in fact greater that the value for the whole unit. In instances such as this, the higher value will always be achieved for the client. Certified environmental disposal, is utilized for items with a zero value.

Timescales for remarketing depend on the Client. Sometimes it is essential to remarket the equipment urgently otherwise remarketing is undertake over 60, 90 or 120 days, allowing the experts in remarketing to ensure that the individual units are sold at the optimum times ensuring the Client gets the maximum return on their investment.


    1. Full Audit of all Equipment
    2. Secure Facility, (Government Approved)
    3. Single Point of Contact
    4. Option of asset liquidation Timescale, (60, 90 or 120 days)
    5. Secure Data Destruction, (Certified and Audited)


Certified, audited Data Destruction costs are covered by resale of equipment thus generating a revenue stream for the Client. Client receives 75% of revenue received