There is always advantages to know and have an understanding of the value of your data center equipment.

Innova Global are able obtain a marketable valuation for that equipment. This gives the enterprise IT manager and owner a better financial understanding of their Data Center with the understanding that any data wiped will be 100% destroyed. The Data Center asset valuation will enable the Data Center manager to budget for technology upgrades by having a 'true market understanding' of the value of current equipment, which can be used as a trade-in value against upgrades. This also gives the Data Center manager a genuine real 'book' value of equipment.

With an extensive history in the Enterprise Storage Aftermarket since 2004 ,Innova Global have worked with partners all over the world.

Innova Global has experience within the remarketing of complete units, components and of course the hard disk drives. Innova Global Destruction are able to wipe any hard drive, (regardless of format, manufacturer and interface).

Furthermore, Innova Global Data Destruction provides a unique service of auditing their data destruction by utilizing their in-house Data Recovery Department.


  1. Experienced Valuators
  2. Realistic End-Of-Life Market Valuation
  3. Optimum Price Always understood
  4. Enables Data Center Managers To Budget For Technology Refresh Projects
  5. Advice over Component/Unit Resale

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