The life expectancy of Data Center equipment is short, usually between 2 to 5 years . Upgrades and Refreshes occur frequently, moving from one platform to another. Decomissioning due to cloud sourcing and move add and changes due to faster less expensive switches, routers, storage devices are facts of life .

One of the problems with running a Data Center is that of disposal of the legacy equipment. Data Center managers are under incredible amounts of pressure, the additional headache of decommissioning legacy equipment, is simply a distraction to their day to day job.

Innova Global provides a total decommissioning service, ensuring that the data is destroyed to governmental and industry standards.

Decommissioning Enterprise Equipment is complicated. Innova Global takes away the worries from the Data Center Manager and allow them to focus on core business.

What an Innova Global Service Manager Will Do For You......

Site Survey

Prior to decommissioning, a Innova Global's Service Manager or representative arrives on site to discuss the project and any possible problems with the Data Center Manager. Innova Global Service Manager evaluates:

  1. The exit route out of the building for the equipment? To include evaluation of the doorways to see if they are physically big enough to allow the equipment to go through?
  2. The loading bay opening times and location
  3. Any security issues to deal with?
  4. Access to the building times?
  5. Is an elevator required? Is it serviceable?

Operational Plan

The decommissioning manager from Innova Global develops a plan to work to ensure the decommissioning goes as smoothly as possible with the minimum disruption to the Client.


Once any initial issues have been resolved, the specialist truck and crew will be booked in at the clients convenience to extract the equipment. At all times, this is overseen by a Innova Global Data Destruction manager. Once the equipment is loaded onto the truck, the cargo is sealed, the truck then sets off for Innova Global or our strategic partners Destruction headquarters.


Working closely with law enforcement, Innova Global has a thorough understanding of 'Chain of Evidence' and treats the clients data in the same way, ensuring that signature of responsibility are thorough ensuring that the processes undertaken are audit-able.


    1. On-Site Manager Overseas Full Operation of Decommissioning.
    2. Minimum Downtime
    3. Minimum Staff Interruption
    4. Equipment Unit, Rack and Component Removal
    5. Full DoD Compliant

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